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SICAFSociété d’Investissement à Capital Fixe (French: closed end fund)
SICAFSeoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (Seoul, South Korea)
SICAFSistema de Cadastramento Unificado de Fornecedores
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Realty is a SICAF, does not pay a dividend, and has the ability to retain cash flow, somewhat mitigating the current high credit facility usage.
Realty is a SICAF, it is not required to pay a dividend (as are its investee REITs).
announced today the formation of Lend Lease Global Properties, SICAF (Global Properties), a Luxembourg-based global real estate opportunity investment company.
The SICAF will be targeting markets for investment in Europe, Latin America and Asia and expects to receive further commitments from additional institutional investors during the next three months, further increasing its investment capacity.
Global Properties is a SICAF (Societe d'Investissement a Capital Fixe), registered in Luxembourg and managed by Lend Lease Global Real Estate Advisors SA, a Luxembourg-based affiliate of Lend Lease Real Estate Investments.
Andrew Wood, portfolio manager for Lend Lease Global Real Estate Advisors, said: "The SICAF structure offers investors greater tax efficiencies and flexibility in accessing the world's capital markets.