SICAPSouthern Illinois Construction Advancement Program (est. 1992)
SICAPStatewide Indirect Cost Allocation Plan
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Each of the three annual construction industry career fairs that SICAP helps to sponsor in towns across Southern Illinois allow about 1,000 eighth-grade students to preview construction careers through hands-on activities.
Garvey says that SICAP has started to encourage teens from churches in East St.
Product Supply HW, SW, COMM to implement collaborative information system of ongoing environmental performance of public procurement - SICAP, according to specification, including:
Beta testing of the research line of SICAP products is under way with collaborators at two independent research institutions.
The SICAP prepaid billing system was introduced in 1997, has been successfully tested, and already supports more than 7 million prepaid customers of 10 different operators," Taylor said, adding that approximately one-fifth of the world's 40 million prepaid subscribers run on a SICAP system.
IPDiA 250[degrees]C SiCaps can achieve 100 nF in a 0402 package, when 10x10 nF capacitors in 0603 mounted in parallel are required with a Type I dielectric such as NPO.
These SiCaps are available in 0202, 0505 and 0605 case sizes with respectively 1 nF, 47 nF and 100 nF capacitance.