SICFSpiral Independent Creators Festival (Tokyo, Japan)
SICFSouthern Illinois Community Foundation
SICFSubmissive Introverted Concrete Feeler (Jung personality type indicator)
SICFFrench Automated Command and Control System
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A portion of the book's proceeds will benefit the work of SICF.
Rubin founded SICF after he and his 3-year-old son Ruby survived a vicious terrorist shooting attack in 2001.
Lakeview SICF operates a children's reading program that teaches mothers and fathers how to select appropriate books to read to their children.
Inmates who meet the initial eligibility requirements at reception are sent to Lakeview SICF for further screening for suitability for shock incarceration.
The SICF was proven in its initial V1 by being deployed to Bosnia in 1995 and further tested during exercises `Aigle 1999' and `Guibert 2000'.
To meet its requirement for a Land Force Command System (LFCS), in 1998 the Canadian defence ministry awarded Computing Devices Canada and Thomson-CSF Communications a C$ 135 million contract to supply a system based on the French Army's SICF (Systeme Francais d'Information pour le Commandement des Forces), but adapted to meet the Canadian forces' specific requirements.