SICISerial Item and Contribution Identifier
SICISupreme Islamic Council of Iraq
SICISouth Idaho Correctional Institution
SICISocietà Italiana di Citologia (Italian)
SICIStandard Individual Contribution Identifier
SICIStanding International Conference of Central and General Inspectorates of Europe
SICISectoral Information and Communication Infrastructure (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
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SAI interacts with neuronal cycles, such as SICI, driven by GABAergic interneurons (57,58) and long interval intracortical inhibition (59).
Os quatro parametros que integram o SICI sao continuos que justificam a tardia aquisicao de alguns verbos, mas tambem a aquisicao mais tardia de substantivos abstratos.
The measure of SICI not only predicted motor impairment in ADHD children but also robustly predicted their behavioral symptoms as reported by parents.
Of note, SICI is the direct descendent of SCIRI, and many authors use these terms interchangeably.
Various pieces of data such as the ISSN, volume, issue, starting page number, and even part of the article title make up the SICI code.
ISSN does not rank high in the common elements of the citation styles, let alone SICI.
Following on from this successful metallurgical testwork an exclusive technology license was granted to Calliope by SICI.
There are several benefits of a SICI for contributions.
Immediately after the acquisition of Old Dynatec, SICI was renamed Dynatec Corporation.
One familiar to most of us is URL (Uniform Resource Locators) identifiers for the Web; some others are PURL, developed by OCLC, URN, and SICI.
These results are based on extensive bench scale testwork by Lakefield Research, SICI (Sherritt Gordon) and PRA (Process Research Associates) using low temperature and pressure oxidation ("POX") and by BacTech/Mintek and PRA using tank bio-oxidation ("BIO-OX").
Tammy Palmer, manager of medical publishing at SilverPlatter, said, "Librarians will be interested to know that we have added a new field to the MEDLINE database for the SICI code, a National Information Standards Organization (NISO) standard for Serial Item and Contribution Identifier.