SICMSchenectady Inner City Ministry
SICMSedgley International Christian Ministries
SICMScientific Instrument Cost Model
SICMSystem for Integrated Contract Management
SICMSingle Ionic Channel Model
SICMSemantic Integrity Constrants Management (Telcordia)
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Ions make up the current in the SICM, which "is designed specifically for biology and electrophysiology," the researchers say.
The SICM probe is a hollow glass microelectrode filled with a conductive salt solution.
Clever physiologists" might use it for making topographic maps of cell membranes and measuring the distribution and behavior of ion channels, says Hansma, who with colleagues describes the SICM in the Feb.
Government is expected to provide up to $1M in new funding to SDI for further research and development on the SICM / TIICM(TM) (Tactical Integrated Illuminating Countermeasures) technology for countermeasures against certain heat-seeking missile threats posed by terrorists against airliners and military aircraft.
FST and SDI have been involved together on SICM / TIICM(TM) since jointly executing a Teaming Agreement in April, 2004.