SICOMSpatial Information Committee (South Australia)
SICOMState Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd. (est. 1988; Port Louis, Mauritius)
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None of these attempts has done anything to halt the relentless decline in natural rubber prices, with the main SICOM contract trading near lows last seen in late 2008, at the height of the global recession.
189) It also argued that Western Union was engaged in discrimination by providing the circuits to its own SICOM service and not to Bunker Ramo's competitive offering.
Los procedimientos de actuacion del SICOM estan regulados por una norma de rango menor denominada instruccion general.
The creation of SICOM, operating in Asian's business hours, completes a 24-hour global option in coffee futures trading," said Chong.
Por su parte, el director general de SICOM, Arturo Gonzalez Orduno, dejo en claro que un gobierno que comunica y comunica bien, termina por ser plena y cabalmente eficiente.
11% in SICOM by the Government of Maharashtra (GoM), its long track record of operations, professional management, good risk management framework, satisfactory liquidity profile, improvement in margins and operational efficiency.
Tenders are invited for Construction of SICOM office including Data Centre (civil & electrical works).
SICOM rubber futures volume grew 38% year-on-year and 20% month-on-month in June to 28,859 contracts.
Las emisoras seran instaladas en Huauchinango, Teziutlan, Acatlan, Libre, Tehuacan, Izucar de Matomoros y Zacatlan; con lo que la infraestructura del SICOM se conformara de emisoras bajo el formato de difusion educativa y cultural.
OSI's partner in Portugal and the prime contractor for the installation is SICOM - Sistemas de Comunicoes, Lda, of Lisbon, Portugal.
SICOM LED luminaires are designed to provide more energy-efficient and low-maintenance street lamps to replace existing sodium and metal halide lamps.
SICOM rubber futures trading was up 27% at 14,157 contracts.