SICRSeattle Institute for Cardiac Research (Seattle, Washington)
SICRSorry, I Couldn't Resist
SICRSpecial/Specific Intelligence Collection Requirement
SICRShift-Invariant Correlation Filter
SICRSupply Item Change Record
SICRSuperior Interior Cleaning Restoration
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Les services to be performed are divided into 3 parts as follows - Part I: implementation of VCs solution (Process Management Research and Management accreditation) within the ESCP Europe; : - Part II: Implementation of additional processes and changes in management solution research and monitoring of educational activities using the benefits of project management, process analysis, specific development, installation and other defined in the specification services: - the implementation of other software components - user training - the acquisition of additional licenses and maintenance associated to educational institutions of the ICC Paris Ile-de-France : - Part III: healing and scalable maintenance SICR benefits of Parts I and III are discussed in the overall price.
The decision to implement DFT into PRI's newly expanded SICR was an easy one, as we have personally seen DFT at work for the past five years in the company's component manufacturing area," stated Robert de Neve, vice president and general manager of PRI's OEM System Division.
The first implementation of DFT into the SICR is scheduled to start in the first quarter of fiscal year 2002.