SIDLScientific Interface Definition Language
SIDLSeoul International Darts League (South Korea)
SIDLSystem Identification Data List
SIDLSecure Interactive Distance Learning
SIDLSaint Ignatius de Loyola (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Filipino Catholic movement)
SIDLSpatial Information Design Lab (Columbia University; New York, NY)
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2012) who evaluated the same sequences of SIDL used in our experiment for gilts from 63 to 153 days of age.
05) of SIDL sequences on average daily gain (ADG) of pigs (Table 2), showing that the sequence of 0.
Assessing the requirement of SIDL of gilts in each specific phase of growth, MAIN et al.
5 to 107kg) there was no change in ADG although the sequence with the lowest level of SIDL evaluated corresponded to 0.
2010) confirmed the results found by SOUZA (2009) where the SIDL requirement for ADG during growth was greater when data were analyzed by specific phases compared to the analysis done considering the entire period (1.
05) of SIDL sequences on feed conversion (F:G) which makes possible to infer that 0.
2007) in studies conducted with barrows and gilts from 27 to 120kg found the SIDL influenced F:G of pigs, the levels which resulted in best responses were similar to those obtained in this study.
05) of SIDL sequences on meat amount (kg) or meat yield (%), leading to the conclusion that the sequence with the lowest SIDL levels assessed allowed the pigs to express their full potential for meat deposition.
Evaluating the effects of SIDL levels on performance and carcass traits of finishing gilts, KILL et al.