SIEVStichting Inschrijving Eigen Vervoer
SIEVSustainability Indicators and Environmental Valuation
SIEVSuspect Illegal Entry Vessel
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When viewers next meet Jawadi, he is with Thomas at Canberra's SIEV X disaster memorial--a chilling series of snaking vertical white poles, the varying heights of which reflect the ages of those who died.
Questions Still Abound Ten Years After the Sinking of SIEV X", interview of Steve Biddulph by Geraldine Doogue (22 October 2011) on Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, online: <www.
The protest was organised by the Refugee Advocacy Network to mark the 11th anniversary since the sinking of refugee boat SIEV X, which claimed 353 lives.
See also Julie Stephens 'Commemorating the SIEV X' Arena Magazine, no.
Before examining some of these debates, the background to the sinking of the SIEV X needs to be recounted.
The first part provides background information, describing the recruitment of approximately 430 passengers by a people-smuggling enterprise, their embarkation on SIEV X from Indonesia, its voyage and tragic sinking, and ultimately the rescue of 45 people and their return to Jakarta.
Kevin has just published his new book, Reluctant Rescuers, which looks at four refugee boat disasters since the SIEV X refugee boat sank in 2001 and killed 353 people - a still unexplained catastrophe chronicled in his 2004 award-winning book A Certain Maritime Incident.
Much has been made, too, of the lack of regard for truth-telling by the Howard government, exemplified by their handling of the Tampa affair and their role in sinking the SIEV X, another asylum seeker vessel off Indonesia--to say nothing of the lies told about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Sadly, many lost their lives in the ocean just like Boat SIEV 221 dying slow and terrible deaths when their boats sank with no help able to arrive in time to save them from the shark-infested waters.
The Australian policy of "disruption" of people smuggling in Indonesia is analyzed and Howard delineates its consequences, including, possibly, the drowning of 353 asylum seekers (mostly women and children) with the sinking of the SIEV X (for which Australia has refused to acknowledge any responsibility).
if the SIEV proceeded into the Australian contiguous zone, the insertion of a boarding party, with the aim of removing the boat to the high seas;
The account follows what happened to the passengers and crew aboard the KM Palapa and thirteen Suspected Illegal Entry Vessels, numbered SIEV 1 to 12 and SIEV X, as they left Indonesia in the hope of reaching peace and security in Australia.