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SIGNUMSpecial Interest Group on Numerical Mathematics (ACM)
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Give thanks to God, Sancho, that they signed the cross on thee just now with a stick, and did not mark thee per signum crucis with a cutlass.
About Signum Dermalogix Dermalogix was founded in 2011 and is a spinout of Signum Biosciences.
The award defines and exemplifies the extraordinary achievements in these sectors by bestowing upon winners the Signum Virtutis - the seal of excellence.
Tucked away on the quiet side of Salina, the largest and greenest of the seven islands, Hotel Signum lies halfhidden among Malfa's citrus groves, flowery fields and winding lanes.
They called it Hotel Signum, as an homage to the effort they put into getting it started.
Through the first SBIR grant, Signum will develop anti-inflammatory agents to reduce chronic redness (erythema) associated with eczema, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea.
Signum is developing lipid signal transduction modulators (STMs) for chronic neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases.
Signums are very safe and comfortable, with plenty of legroom in the back seats.
But, the Signum ( as planned by Vauxhall from the outset ( has totally redefined the executive hatchback concept offering the quality of a saloon, versatility of an estate and flexibility of an MPV.
Suitable for use in legal metrology, the new Signum range of compact industrial scales comes in a choice of three innovative weighing technologies.
As with all Signum models, standard equipment includes colour sat-nav, 17-inch alloy wheels and electric front and rear windows.
The Choral's partnership with Signum Records continues with a new recording of carols, scheduled to take place in January 2007 in the Town Hall.