SIHMSisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (religious order)
SIHMState Institute of Hotel Management (Jodhpur, India)
SIHMSociete Internationale d’Histoire de la Medecine (French: International Society for the History of Medicine)
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Table 3 shows a comparison between the H and NH groups, defined on the basis of the SIHM, for each item on the HQ.
The scores for SIHM from samples 2 and 3 were correlated with the total scores from the 33-item HQ:(1) the value was .
Controlling for Factor 1, Factor 2 and the SIHM showed an r = .
Women had higher SIHM values than men, as they did for the 33-item HQ scale, but in this case with a lower effect size.
Having over 17 properties in the region, SIHM will use its presence at ATM to strengthen strategic alliances with tour operators, travel agents and internet travel providers (e-commerce), while highlighting its current corporate status and system size, said a company spokesperson.
In 2009 we will launch our latest properties in Iraq, Qatar and Oman and this will be a good opportunity to promote these properties," said Fawzi Mussalam, vice chairman SIHM, chief executive, Kuwait Hotel Group Company.
SIHM offers a diversified range of hotel options ranging from five-star, premium hotels to serviced apartments.
SIHM properties also boost religious tourism throughout the region, with its hotel properties having prominent and strategic locations near to a number of historical monuments and holy shrines.