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SIMARSpatial Interpolation and Mapping of Rainfall (weather initiative; South Africa)
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I found two minor errors in last month's SIMAR story, "Few and Far Between," (Farm Collector, February 2003).
Banker and Morey (1986) and Ruggiero (1996) directly incorporate the non-discretionary variables in DEA technique and measure the efficiency in a single stage model while others like Ray (1991), Muniz (2002) and recently Simar and Wilson (2007) omit the environmental variables from the DEA programme and introduce them in the second stage of the technique.
Se propone como una linea futura de investigacion, dado simar y Wilson (2007), el realizar un analisis de los determinantes de la eficiencia, mediante un procedimiento doublebootstrap, para determinar la influencia de variables externas o ambientales en la eficiencia alcanzada por las DMUs.
This is the main attraction of the two-stage procedure, particularly in the proposal by Simar and Wilson (2007) and specifically designed for applications like those addressed in this study.
Finally, Simar and Wilson (2007) recently suggest that second-stage DEA results may be biased because of serial correlation caused by efficiency of all observations being similarly determined by those observations on the frontier.
Arraish Dubai, the annual lifestyle exhibition, returns to Dubai on September 17 and will bring to its fold popular designers including Vikram Phadnis, Mehreen Noorani and Simar & Arjan Dugal.
Germany- based Simar Kaur said her land in Ropar was fraudulently sold but seeing the police's attitude, justice seems like a distant dream for her.
TOUCH AND GO (Race 7) can lead by halfway and just hold off all challengers while DANCE SIMAR (Race 10) looks set to outstay his rivals with a clear run.
It's very important that we groom the girls, that's why they are chosen at this stage rather than putting them straight into the fashion show with other girls who have 10-15 seasons under their belt," said veteran fashion model Simar Duggal, who is also one of the jury members.
That chased Cascade freshman starter Katie Bethel, and brought in junior ace Natalie Simar, who was making her first appearance in five weeks after breaking her collarbone.
I am not sure where you got the information for the "Roots of the Rototiller" in the SIMAR article (Farm Collector, February 2003), but according to Gardening Beyond the Plow, by Garden Way, it is flawed.