SINCSinus Cardinalis (function)
SINCSurvey on the Importance of Nature to Canadians
SINCSpecial Instructions to Communicators
SINCSchool Is Not Compulsory (UK)
SINCSite of Interest for Nature Conservation
SINCSpecies in Need of Conservation (Kansas)
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A be am i chithau, gyd-garwyr y sinc, feddwl ddwywaith cyn gadael i'r holl ddwr poeth yna fynd yn wastraff?
Dylan Iorwerth Darluniau o adeiladau blith draphlith yn y brifddinas efo estyniadau o sinc a chardbord, cwterydd budron a sbwriel, a phobol yn gwerthu unrhywbeth a phopeth i geisio cael mymryn o arian.
We see that, as compared to (I), the role of the sinc function is taken by [phi] x sinc in (2).
The improvement of one-dimensional B-spline functions and extensions to Lagrange and Sinc interpolation functions are also analyzed.
On the other hand, in the last three decades a variety of numerical methods based on the sinc approximation have been developed.
Benfield said it was impressed with Sin-cordia's content management system, called Sinc 8, developed for creating and maintaining websites.
SinC found that 93% of survey respondents have no preference for books written by men or women, regardless of genre or reader gender.
These results should serve as a wake-up call to the publishing industry," says Rochelle Krich, president of SinC and an award-winner novelist.
Although the guardians of conservative culture would doubtless disagree, th implicit analogy between a progenitor of Cubism and one of Pop may not be unfair: arguably, the Pop sensibility has been no less influential for art sinc 1960 than was the Cubist revolution for art of the first half of the century.
This was certainly understandable, sinc installing a new inventory system had shut the plant down for two days the year before.
We were pleased that the OBRA conferees agreed that SINC should not be adopted.
But Borucki asserts that this explanation would require an unrealistically high level of volcanism, sinc ethe Venusian lightning may occur as frequently as 100 times a second.