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SINESuccess in Numeracy Education (Victorian Catholic schools; Australia)
SINEShort Interspersed Nuclear Element
SINEStructural Images of the North East (art and photograph collection; University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; UK)
SINESouthwest Indiana Network for Education
SINESociety for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIT Bombay, India)
SINEScalable Information Networks for the Environment
SINESingle Integrated Network Environment (US Air Force)
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Way Sine LLC is a leading manufacturer of solar powered real time information signs for the public transit industry.
The hardware setup of pure sine wave UPS is shown in figure 1.
SINE compounds inhibit Exportin-1 (XPO1 or CRM1), which mediates the export of around 220 different mammalian cargo proteins.
KEY SPECS: The device is able to survive shock levels up to 100,000 g and vibration levels of 20 G at 10-2000 Hz swept sine in accordance with MIL-STD-202G
The Sine Wave range of Home UPS solutions not only has an innovative charging solution but also comprises of many revolutionary features which makes the system efficiently reliable & customer friendly.
For example, two sine functions can be used: an increasing function from minimum to maximum over 9h, and a decreasing function over 15 h.
The APSX2012SW is a 230V, 2000W PowerVerter APS INT inverter/charger with pure sine wave output that can reproduce wall power from a battery source without any power interference.
Cordua said it took about $50,000 in redecoration and renovation work to turn Sine Cura from what had been a bar and hair salon into a cafe.
His sine tables were calculated to an accuracy of four decimal places.
De fapt orice afirmatie e paradoxabila, atunci cand incearca sa se afirme sau nege pe sine, sau cand calitatea se autocalifica, ori se autoneaga, patrunzand in contrariu.
The reality is that when patients do commit acts of self-harm, it's typically a complete surprise to staff on the unit," says David Sine, CSP, ARM, co-author of the Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities.
In the program also there has been held a sine vision show which tells Azerbaijan history from 1918 till 2010.