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SINESuccess in Numeracy Education (Victorian Catholic schools; Australia)
SINEShort Interspersed Nuclear Element
SINEStructural Images of the North East (art and photograph collection; University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; UK)
SINESouthwest Indiana Network for Education
SINESociety for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIT Bombay, India)
SINEScalable Information Networks for the Environment
SINESingle Integrated Network Environment (US Air Force)
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Way Sine LLC is a leading manufacturer of solar powered real time information signs for the public transit industry.
St Margaret's Academy first XI earned a terrific 6-0 win over visitors SINE School from Denmark
Waveform distortion is a deviation from the steady-state sine wave of power frequency.
Beyond telling a great story, Sine is able to explain complex equipment and technical procedures in a simplified manner allowing readers to fully understand and appreciate the action.
Unfortunately, she (Santiago) cannot invoke Section 20 in a sine die plenary session.
SINE compounds inhibit Exportin-1 (XPO1 or CRM1), which mediates the export of around 220 different mammalian cargo proteins.
KEY SPECS: The device is able to survive shock levels up to 100,000 g and vibration levels of 20 G at 10-2000 Hz swept sine in accordance with MIL-STD-202G
The Sine Wave range of Home UPS solutions not only has an innovative charging solution but also comprises of many revolutionary features which makes the system efficiently reliable & customer friendly.
For example, two sine functions can be used: an increasing function from minimum to maximum over 9h, and a decreasing function over 15 h.
The APSX2012SW is a 230V, 2000W PowerVerter APS INT inverter/charger with pure sine wave output that can reproduce wall power from a battery source without any power interference.
Cordua said it took about $50,000 in redecoration and renovation work to turn Sine Cura from what had been a bar and hair salon into a cafe.
22 -- Amidst din, the Uttar Pradesh Assembly on Monday passed a controversial resolution on splitting the state into four parts by voice vote minutes after which the lower house was adjourned sine die.