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SINGStomach Instep Nose Groin (self-defense)
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SINGSexuality Issues Network Group
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He affirmed that on returning one night from the neighboring village of Sing Sing, he had been overtaken by this midnight trooper; that he had offered to race with him for a bowl of punch, and should have won it too, for Daredevil beat the goblin horse all hollow, but just as they came to the church bridge, the Hessian bolted, and vanished in a flash of fire.
And the children shout and the babies yell, and every one laughs and sings and chatters--while above all the deafening clamor Cousin Marija shouts orders to the musicians.
He not obliged to sing now, only twice every year; but if he not sing twice each year they take him his pension away.
When we got in we couldn't hardly see any- thing, it was so dark; but Jim was there, sure enough, and could see us; and he sings out:
This they would sing, as a chorus, to words which to many would seem unmeaning jargon, but which, nevertheless, were full of meaning to themselves.
Dickon can sing it for thee, I'll warrant," replied Ben Weatherstaff.
Paul seals sing when they are heading back to their beaches in the summer.
And so they all went into the wood where the Nightingale was wont to sing, and half the Court went too.
I can take no excuses, and we will have Demodocus to sing to us; for there is no bard like him whatever he may choose to sing about.
You can look at the bright colors till the light fades, and then the rose will sing you to sleep," said the Elves, as they folded the soft leaves about her, gently kissed her, and stole away.
And I'll sing oo a little song," he said, as he rolled it about.
IN Heaven a spirit doth dwell "Whose heart-strings are a lute;" None sing so wildly well As the angel Israfel, And the giddy stars (so legends tell) Ceasing their hymns, attend the spell Of his voice, all mute.