SINGARSSingle-Channel Ground-Air Radio System
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Such interoperability is technologically feasible right now, and yet because we did not plan or prepare for the deployment of such capability, few if any police officers could effectively communicate with military personnel, and indeed many National Guard Soldiers were unable to communicate by radio with their Title 10 counterparts because our Title 10 forces were equipped with frequency-hopping SINGARS [single-channel ground-air secure radios] and many National Guard units were not.
During a demonstration between Fort Detrick and Fort Meade, a distance of approximately 60 miles, a call was linked to Fort Detrick, and the SINGARS data was digitized and delivered to Fort Meade.
Secured significant new contracts for antenna products, including a five-year, $248 million IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) competitive win for SINGARS (Single-channel, Ground and Airborne Radio System) antennas, as well as anti-jam GPS (Global Positioning System) antennas for the Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier aircraft.