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His heart began to sink within him; he endeavored to resume his psalm tune, but his parched tongue clove to the roof of his mouth, and he could not utter a stave.
Jurgis, without a word, lifts Ona in his arms, and strides out with her, and she sinks her head upon his shoulder with a moan.
He made a pause here, to let that fact sink home, then added -- "and eight times salt meat.
He knew, well enough, that in national emergencies he must not consider how he ought to act, as a man, but how he ought to act as a king; so he honestly tried to sink the man and be the king--but it was a failure, he only succeeded in being the female saint.
I swam as long as I could, but I soon got all exhausted and thought I was going to sink.
As I turned for a last look as I left the palace garden I had seen her stagger and sink upon the ground beside the little incubator.
We must pursue them," said Groslow, "they can't be gone far, and we will sink them, passing over them.
The three first compartments became one sepulchral sink into which fell grimly back, in the order of their weight, every vegetable, mineral, or human fragment.
The ape-man swore softly, and let his coat and shirt sink into the Atlantic.
It seemed to give him great relief to send a bullet home into the body of some surging, gorgeous-hued fish, arrest its glorious flashing motion for ever, and turn it on its side slowly to sink down into the death and depth of the sea.
And into the unfathomable did I there seem to sink.
Although in later times it has been a very different place from the sink of filth and dirt it once was, even its improved condition holds out but little temptation to the extravagant, or consolation to the improvident.