SINNSenioren Initiative Nachhaltigkeits Netzwerk (German: Seniors Sustainability Initiative Network)
SINNSonically Induced Narrowing of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Solids
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DUP deputy leader and outgoing MP Mr Dodds said: "Publicly Sinn Fein talk about challenging sectarianism, but then produce leaflets which rely on blatant sectarian head-counting".
Am measg sluagh a' bhaile mhoir, aig nach robh fhios sam bith co as a bha sinn, thainig tuigse oirnn fhin mar Ghaidheil.
Sinn Fein's Arthur Morgan currently represents the Louth constituency in the Dail Eireann parliament, but following his recent decision to stand down at the next election, Mr Adams is poised to throw his hat in the ring.
Adams stated that Sinn Fein is currently engaged in an outreach to the Irish diaspora throughout the world regarding the best way to achieve a united Ireland and will bring this effort to New York and San Francisco in June.
Sinn Fein refused to allow a full Executive meeting in the absence of DUP movement on the devolution of policing and justice powers to Stormont and attacked the SDLP for joining unionists against Sinn Fein.
The sheriff's office said Sinn told a 17-year-old to get into the pickup.
The party ruling executive met in Dublin on Saturday and cleared the way for three members of the Sinn Fein Assembly party to take their sets when the board meets next month.
And Republican Sinn Fein, allied to the dissident Continuity IRA, said it would consider fielding ex-prisoners as candidates in the next election.
As parties took part in a hectic round of meetings with Prime Minister Tony Blair and Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, Mr McGuinness emerged from the talks insisting Sinn Fein could not move on policing without the DUP agreeing to form a devolved government featuring Sinn Fein.
Speaking as a bereaved parent who lost his 12year-old son following the IRA bombing of Warrington 12 years ago this month, Mr Parry said: 'If Sinn Fein are truly democratic it is time for them to disown the IRA.
He said Sinn Fein had not become isolated despite the arrest of a former party councillor in connection with the money racket, or anger from within their own community in Belfast's Short Strand district after the IRA-linked killing of Robert McCartney.
In the process, Laffan has written the definitive work on this first phase of Sinn Fein history and makes a case for the place of empirically directed history without eyeing its subject's inevitable ideological implications.