SINRSimple Image and Numeric Report (radiology)
SINRSignal to Interference and Noise Ratio
SINRSignal to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio
SINRSociety for International Nutrition Research (American Institute of Nutrition)
SINRShanghai Institute of Nuclear Research
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The traditional BRS (Bidirectional Relay Selection) algorithm selects the relay according to the two-way SINR and channel Gain.
The IWFA allocate power to each user with the help of SINR value as an objective function.
The resulting optimization problem is a joint optimization problem subject to QoS constraints such as minimum SINR or rate constraints.
Para ello se obtiene un valor de SINR que luego es mapeado a un valor discreto de CQI; este parametro es utilizado por el planificador para el proceso de asignacion de RB y la determinacion del esquema de modulacion y codificacion mas adecuado.
Para este caso se seleccionaron cuatro criterios: PD, TED, SINR y AB.
j]--duomenu perdavimo sparta; f([gamma])--didejanti SINR funkcija, pagrista perdavimo spartos parametru.
13 depict the probability density for different values of SINR for the victim reference cell and the victim system respectively.
If the upper bound is underdetermined, the self-nulling of the SOI may emerge and when the large bound occurs, the output SINR of the RCB and DCRCB experience degradation.
upsilon]] (square line) has higher output SINR than that with [[?
This improvement in MLL : PSLL ratio ensures a better SINR and hence improves the quality of the communications system.