SINUSaechsischer Informationsdienst Natur und Umwelt (German: Sachsischer Information Nature and Environment)
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Established in April this year, SINU, is the latest University in the Pacific region, earlier called as the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education.
A lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of colds and sinus infections.
Chronic sinusitis is defined as inflammatory disease of the nasal and sinus mucosa that persists for three months or longer.
Furthermore, the FDA has instructed manufacturers of over-the-counter (OTC) decongestant products claiming to treat sinus disease to stop making these claims for their products by April 2007.
Mayo Clinic investigators discovered that Alternaria, a ubiquitous, normally innocuous mold that colonizes the mucus of the nose and sinus of virtually everybody, elicits in patients with chronic sinusitis an eosinophilic (inflammatory) response, characterized by the release of a Major Basic Protein (MBP) in the mucus.
Nasal and sinus polyposis affects millions of Americans and is frequently seen in patients suffering from allergies.
The Sinu-Clear(TM) fluid medium laser sinus surgery technique utilizes the newly developed Diffusing Contact Laser(TM) probe.
The Sinu-Clear technique has several advantages over ones currently used to perform endoscopic sinus surgery.
The condition, called nasal and sinus polyposis, affects millions of Americans.
The study is designed to further substantiate the validity of the clinical efficacy of this new sinus laser surgery technique.
The Sinu-Clear technique, which is conducted on an outpatient basis, uses a patented laser delivery system in combination with warmed irrigating fluid to safely remove nasal polyps and diseased sinus tissue.