SIOMSeattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (Seattle, WA)
SIOMShanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
SIOMSoftware Input/Output Manual
SIOMSurrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (UK)
SIOMSinhgad Institute of Management (Pune, India)
SIOMSea Ice-Ocean Modeling
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The SIOM is available in a size that is approximately half the current full length PCI card with a power budget the same as today.
Packaged in a protective module, the SIOM features EMI gasketing, insertion/removal levers and a defined cooling specification suitable for 10G Ethernet or Fibre Channel.
The aim of the SIOM standard is to provide commodity PCI Express technology modules at a very small overhead to standard PCI cards of equivalent performance.
Thus the Remote I/O system using the SIOM modules has a number of benefits:
SIOM is based on the PCI-SIG Server/Workstation Module Electromechanical specification Revision 0.
Iwill's demonstration highlights the benefits of increased flexibility and serviceability with no system down-time that SIOM offers IT managers.
The Yukon II based SIOM being exhibited at IDF showcases the versatility of the SIOM form factor for server platforms.
The SIOM form-factor couples the tremendous PCI Express bandwidth with new levels of design flexibility for system integrators and ease of use for IT managers," said Jim Pappas, director of Initiative Marketing, Intel Enterprise Platforms Group.
By delivering the industry's top benchmarks with Yukon II and offering the industry's first networking SIOM implementation, Marvell continues to underscore its focus on market leading innovation and performance.