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SIOSStatus Indication Out of Service (SS7)
SIOSSociety for Indian Ocean Studies (est. 1987)
SIOSServizio Informazioni Operativo e Situazione (Italian defense secret service; one for each Italian military service)
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SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is the first high availability and disaster recovery solution to combine fully automated, application-centric clustering and efficient data replication.
SIOS iQ leverages the power of machine learning analytics to help companies by transforming enormous volumes of data about virtual infrastructures into easily understood, actionable recommendations -- a winning approach for enterprises.
Using SIOS SANLess clustering software, Epicure IT staff created a two-node cluster in an active-passive failover configuration that enables each SQL instance to failover independently.
SIOS solutions protect thousands of mission-critical applications and countless volumes of data for customers of all sizes, across every industry, in all parts of the world.
The HA-Interface Certification lets customers know that by using SIOS SPS, they are deploying high availability protection designed and certified to work with any SAP landscape.
The new offering is the first in the industry to enable IT to leverage the combined power of machine learning based infrastructure analytics in SIOS iQ and deep database performance analytics in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, to correlate SQL Sentry events from application to infrastructure to solve complex performance problems.
Having enjoyed a long-time strategic relationship with both companies, it is no surprise that SIOS is the first Linux player to be certified with SAP for high availability, said Roman Janke, manager of Application Operations at Phoenix Contact, a leading manufacturer of electronic switches.
As a leading provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, SIOS Technology Corp.
Our priority is to provide customers with superior business continuity and disaster recovery solutions while also offering products that are flexible and easy-to-use," said Nobuo Kita, CEO of SIOS Technology Corp.
To drive the strategy, SIOS will significantly expand its operations based out of Silicon Valley, creating a SIOS Technology Corp.
Nearly 10,000 SIOS have been awarded since the program was launched in 2011.