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SIPOState Intellectual Property Office (China)
SiPoSicherheitspolizei (German: security police)
SIPOSerial In, Parallel Out
SIPOStrategic Indicative Plan for the Organ
SIPOSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher (bird breed)
SIPOShanghai Intellectual Property Office
SIPOSystem Integration Project Office
SIPOSystem Implementation Project Office
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The number of UK patent applications in China has reached a new record high, with 2 674 applications from the UK at the SIPO in 2014, an increase of 8.
BYD Company Ltd, a China-based automaker, has received the 2013 WIPO - SIPO 'Outstanding Patent Innovation and Industrial Design' award.
Intel's general manager Jim O'Hara said this week that SIPO has "absolutely no issue" with his firm's intentions.
So far, China's SIPO has never granted a compulsory license.
The comparison IPO sample is more heavily concentrated in services (44%) compared to the SIPO sample (13%).
Today, SIPO is responsible for granting patents (national office), registering semiconductor layout designs (national office), and enforcing patents (local SIPO offices), as well as coordinating domestic foreign-related IPR issues involving copyrights, trademarks and patents.
SIPO had been petitioned to do so by domestic producers of the active ingredient.
In this subsection, we investigate the possibility that takeovers tend to occur when the going-private transaction preceding the SIPO fails either to eliminate the inefficiencies that were present before the restructuring took place or realize the efficiencies that were possible.
But the two deputies have since given the documentation to SIPO.
In China, BMC has initiated seven nullity actions for ResMed's patents, and four of them are totally invalid and the other three are being reviewed by the SIPO.
In China, BMC challenged validity of seven (7) ResMed patents, and the SIPO has already declared four (4) invalid, while continuing to review the other three (3).
The workshop which was organized by BIO for SIPO examiners, focused on biotechnology patenting and encouraged bilateral cooperation between SIPO and the USPTO.