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SIPTSensory Integration Praxis Test
SIPTSociété Internationale de Photogrammétrie et de Télédétection (French: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)
SIPTSupportability Integrated Product Team
SIPTSpeedy Internet Protocol Traceback (security tracing)
SIPTServicio de Información y Posicionamiento Tecnológico (Spanish)
SIPTSecure Information and Payment Technology
SIPTSupportability Integrated Process Team (US Army)
SIPTScheduling Integrated Process Team
SIPTSoftware Integrated Process Team
SIPTStandard Installation Practices Training
SIPTSession Initiation Protocol Trunking
SIPTSivakasi Institute of Printing Technology (India)
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Both the SIPT and H-point manikin provide a reference point in the general area in which a sitter's hips are expected to lie.
The goals of the development effort were (1) create an easy-to-use add-on for the SIPT that did not change the performance of the SIPT, (2) obtain a measure well correlated with the J826 back angle measure in seats for which both tools could be used.
As a first step, a pivot point was added to the SIPT at the side-view location of the SIP (the weight locating bar is not at the SIP).
The SIPT and J826 machine were installed in a range of vehicle seats.
Figure 4 shows the position of the SIPT relative to H-point in the installations in all seats and conditions.
The plot in Figure 5 shows the relationship between the seat back angle measured with the SIPT relative to the J826, demonstrating a strong correlation (r = 0.
Overall, across seating conditions, the SIPT was judged to be at least as repeatable as the industry standard J826 manikin.
Although these findings appear to contradict SIPT, another interpretation centers on the nature of the telecommuting work environment (Walther, 1992).