SIRANSustainable Investment Research Analyst Network (Washington, DC)
SIRANSurvivable Radio Network
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Daniel Nielsen, member of the SIRAN Steering Committee and manager of socially responsible investing for the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of The United Methodist Church, said: "The purpose of this study was to identify the level of corporate sustainability disclosure among the largest publicly traded companies in the U.
For the purposes of the SIRAN study, a "sustainability report" was defined as a report that included data covering three or more areas of environmental, social, or governance performance.
Among the new findings of the 2006 SIRAN study of how reporting practices have changed in the past year:
1-617-426-5270; or Amy Blumenthal or Karen Myers, both of Blumenthal & Associates, +1-617-879-1511, all for SIRAN
The SIRAN report notes: "In all, slightly over half of the responding companies said that they voluntarily and fully disclosed the consolidated EEO- 1 Report.
Therefore, SIRAN is calling upon publicly traded companies to voluntarily disclose equal employment opportunity information to investors and for U.
SIRAN is an analyst network that supports more than 100 North American social research analysts from 30 investment firms, research providers, and affiliated investor groups, and is a working group of the Social Investment Forum.
CONTACT: Paul Hilton, SIRAN co-chair and Portfolio Manager, Socially Responsible Investing, The Dreyfus Corporation, +1-212-922-6292, hilton.