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SIRCSecurity Intelligence Review Committee (Canada)
SIRCSport Information Resource Centre
SIRCSocial Issues Research Centre (Oxford, UK)
SIRCStyrene Information and Research Center (Arlington, VA)
SIRCSeafarers International Research Centre
SIRCShuttle Imaging Radar-C
SIRCStaten Island Railroad Corporation
SIRCSecure Internet Relay Chat
SIRCSensory Integration Resource Center
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In April, toxicologist James Bus, speaking on behalf of SIRC, testified at a joint Congressional subcommittee hearing that NTP's RoC process needs comprehensive oversight and fundamental reforms to assure that its listings are based on all of the scientific information.
SIRC noted shortly after its creation that the RCMP had set up its own national security investigations unit, but that this remained outside SIRC's scrutiny.
As in the past, the SIRC played a role in promoting interreligious dialogue and understanding; however, it was less active during this reporting period than previously.
Johnston is confident the SIRC can become a major healing influence, complementing the peace efforts of Danforth and others at the official level.
Matters brought to SIRC under the Canadian Human Rights Act.
SIRC courses are really valuable, for individual faculty and for groups.
The SIRC lawsuit makes a forceful case for excluding styrene from the RoC.
However, according to the SIRC, the Khartoum State Ministry of Planning and Public Utilities issued a permit for a new Episcopal church at Al Hazari, Khartoum, on July 23, 2005, and a permit for a new Church of Christ place of worship at Al Thawra, Omdurman, on May 24, 2006; these appeared to be the first permits issued for a new church since 1975.
For more information on SIRC and the styrene industry's challenge to the RoC listing, visit the "Newsroom" at www.
SIRC contends that styrene's inclusion is unjustified by the latest science and resulted from a flawed process that focused on only data that support a cancer concern, and effectively ignored the preponderance of data that failed to suggest a cancer concern for styrene.
If you are selected for this position, you will help increase NLN faculty development simulation program offerings and explore creative ways to enhance SIRC (our Simulation Innovation Resource Center).
An industry-specific job bank, the SIRC is designed to connect individuals interested in a career in the electronic life safety, security and systems integration industry with installation, monitoring and manufacturing companies currently seeking additions to their team.