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SIRTFSpace Infrared Telescope Facility (now Spitzer Space Telescope; NASA)
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Dr Michael Jura, SIRTF interdisciplinary scientist for planetary science at the University of California at Los Angeles, said:
They will make up the SIRTF Legacy Science Program, which will involve American-led science teams worldwide.
The SIRTF observatory is expected to be approximately one thousand times more sensitive than Earth-based infrared telescopes.
a pioneer in astronomy whose efforts to put telescopes in space ultimately led to the creation of SIRTF, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope.
SIRTF will identify recently formed or forming solar systems by finding dust disks around nearby stars.
SIRTF is the last of NASA's four orbiting telescopes to be lofted into space as part of the Great Observatories Program.
We are extremely proud of our decades of work on behalf of NASA, and such a key role in NASA's newest space observatory," said John Straetker, Lockheed Martin SIRTF program manager.
Telemetry data indicated that the launch vehicle successfully deployed SIRTF to a solar orbit.
SIRTF will observe objects from the outer solar system to the most luminous known galaxies in the farthest reaches of space.
The next scheduled Delta launch is the Space Infrared Telescope Facility, or SIRTF, mission for NASA in mid-April from Cape Canaveral aboard the first launch of the Delta II Heavy configuration.
Our long heritage of space observatories, including Hubble and SIRTF, and extensive experience with interferometers, precision pointing, and highly advanced optical systems will serve us well in charting a course for SIM that will ensure mission success.