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One of these methods is SISH, where either 1 HER2 slide, or 2 separate slides, are stained for HER2 and chromosome enumeration probe (CEP) 17, both using silver as the chromogen.
Ventana's HER2 SISH technology is currently used in Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia.
Ventana's INFORM[TM] HER2 SISH DNA probe test is designed to qualitatively and quantitatively detect amplification of the HER2 gene in human breast cancer tissue specimens following staining on Ventana automated slidestainer instruments using light microscopy.
INFORM[TM] HER2 SISH would provide several significant benefits, giving pathologists enhanced tools for a timely and accurate diagnosis.
Same Day Results - INFORM[TM] HER2 SISH is performed in less than half the time required for FISH technologies and allows for same day results (within 6 hours).
Full Automation - INFORM[TM] HER2 SISH is the only fully automated chromogenic in situ hybridization assay for HER2 gene and chromosome 17 detection, which uses pre-formulated reagents that are "ready to use.
Simplified Interpretation - Results can be more precisely determined and morphological significance can be easily interpreted using conventional bright field microscopy (versus costly florescent microscopy) with INFORM[TM] HER2 SISH.
Slide Archiving - INFORM[TM] HER2 SISH provides the unique ability to archive slides, allowing for the possibility of re-examination and discussion at a later date.
To confirm chromosome 17 copy number gains, we performed FISH and SISH analysis using locus-specific probe LSI Her2/neu located in 17q, and a control probe to the centromere of chromosome 17 (CEP17).
Most copy number gains were in chromosome 17, findings that were detected by both CGH and SOMA, and supported by HER2/wew SISH and FISH.
Like CISH, SISH staining is permanent and does not decay, allowing specimens to be archived.