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SISOSingle Input, Single Output
SISOSimulation Interoperability Standards Organization
SISOSoft-Input, Soft-Output
SISOSociety of Independent Show Organizers (US)
SISOSerial In, Serial Out
SISOSecond In, Second Out (accounting)
SISOSpiral-in-Spiral-out (resonator)
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In section 2, we present the energy consumption models for multi-hop SISO, multi-hop DSTBC based CMISO, multi-hop CB based CMISO transmissions under random nodes deployment.
This concludes the modelling of SISO channel in the mm-wave band.
The control loops for SISO + FS are shown in Figures 7a, 7b, 7c, and 7d.
The definition of transmission loss for MIMO muffers is a straight forward extension from the SISO case.
Right from sharing of knowledge, techniques and latest ideas to improve the management and profitability of our events to successfully integrating digital media into our event business, the SISO membership has plenty of advantages.
Calculating the kernels (hi) of SISO Volterra series Calculation of ker nels is the most important issue in analysis and identification of systems using Volterra series.
SISO decoding of RS code consists of three stages, which includes Gaussian elimination, belief propagation or sum-product algorithm, and RS hard decision decoding.
In this paper, an original SISO identification technique is presented for MDOF linear dynamic systems expressed in the structural form of Equation (2).
For the purpose of comparison, SISO measurement campaigns were also conducted.
Wireless underground SISO systems were also characterized at 5.