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SISOSingle Input, Single Output
SISOSimulation Interoperability Standards Organization
SISOSoft-Input, Soft-Output
SISOSociety of Independent Show Organizers (US)
SISOSerial In, Serial Out
SISOSecond In, Second Out (accounting)
SISOSpiral-in-Spiral-out (resonator)
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27, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- After the successful launch of the CORE(TM) MULTI-BAND MIMO, Venti Group is pleased to announce an addition to our line-up of revolutionary antennas, The New CORE(TM) Low PIM In-Building DAS Multi-Band SISO Antenna for all carrier bands.
SISO aims to meet the needs of show organisers through networking and exchange of ideas and experiences.
The main controllers are designed via classical SISO synthesis methods (Ziegler Nichols step response method, method of desired model) (1), (7-10) and also via polynomial approach (pole placement method) for SISO control loop (11-12).
Comparing the offline and recursive online model identification methodologies for both, SISO and MIMO structures.
Figure 15 shows the state of a hypothetical SISO MPC system that has been operating for many sampling instants, where integer k represents the current instant.
However, these SISO systems have significant limitations in many situations.
The Kaelus DAS Interface Solution (DIS) is designed to support low PIM environments by providing the power management interface between an in-building RF source (BTS or repeater) and SISO or MIMO DAS head end.
RF nest(TM) allows radios to be tested and evaluated in MIMO, SISO, SIMO, MISO or mesh configurations, across a broad Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum.
In this work ITTHS is considered as a SISO process and the manipulated variable is FIN1 and the controlled variable is height (h2) of TANK2.
Consider the nonlinear SISO control system, defined on a homogeneous time scale T, and described either by the state equations
TCS' ORION platform is interoperable with thousands of previously fielded HCLOS radios around the world and offers a variety of waveforms (including LOS, NLOS, SISO, MIMO, PTP, PMP and mesh) to adapt to different missions.