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SISSAScuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (Italy; International School for Advanced Studies)
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During my stay at SISSA, I visited Francesco several times at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", and I had the opportunity to discover the fine mathematician and exceptional teacher, the generous, modest and always available man, that Francesco was until the end of his life.
Giulia Sissa [1] piensa ya esta relacion apuntando hacia la aporia a la que llega Aristoteles al considerar si la diferencia sexual es una diferencia sustancial o accidental.
Giulia Sissa intends to demonstrate, in Sex and Sensuality in the Ancient World (a translation of Eros tiranno- Sessualita e sensualita nel mondo antico), an "anthropology of ancient sensuality" based upon the "naturalistic foundation" of ancient thoughts on sex.
Lizcano and Sissa (2003) recorded it in the Tabaconas-Namballe National Sanctuary and mentioned that the mountain tapir is absent south of Huancabamba valley.
12) Sobre el circuito de la pulsion en Lacan y su funcion de evitar la falta Real para acceder al goce puro del consumo de drogas, vease Sissa (1968).
Sissa argues that to understand altitudes toward eros in ancient Greece and Rome we need to abandon the term, 'sexuality', and use.
SISSA G, 2003, << Democracy and the Just War : Beginnings in Classical Greece >>, in M.
The show on January 25 will feature the voice of Sarajevo-born singer Tea Hodzic, visuals from Kinetic Fallacy and poetry from Lemn Sissa.
9) A este respecto es ilustrativa la propuesta de una "filosofia de la droga" propuesta por Giulia Sissa (2000) en base a su articulacion del placer y el mal como las dos caras de una misma moneda.
A fuller treatment of this apparent paradox is warranted, one that could have included virgin mothers in the Greek tradition and elsewhere (for parthenoi as mothers, see Giulia Sissa, Greek Virginity [Cambride, Mass.
Sissa, Giulia and Marcel Detienne, The Daily Life of the Greek Gods, Mestizo Spaces/Espaces Metisses.