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SISSISociety for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery (Colorado State University; Pueblo, CO)
SISSIStryker-Indigo Sports Stores International (Levittown, NY)
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Egyptians' enormous participation in the vote is a national duty," Al Sissi said, according to state television.
Sissi and his young backers were even more determined.
President Sissi took office on June 8, 2014, after being elected on May 26-28.
Sissi attend un "nouveau souffle" dans les relations bilaterales avec le nouveau locataire de la Maison Blanche.
Sissi seemed to refer to frequently-reported links between the IRGC and each of ISIS and al-Qaeda as he said: "These terrorist groups do not appear to care much about any sectarian differences when they need mutual co-operation", but they apply sectarian discrimination when they attack and kill fellow Muslims".
His talk with Sissi came three days after Egypt took delivery of two more US fast missile boats.
This clear red line illustrates that Al Sissi will not tolerate any form of destablisation or violence claiming to be based on religious grounds, with the clear intention that the Egyptian people can now expect to find security on their streets and stability in the way they plan their lives.
Meanwhile, Egypt has invited Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the inauguration ceremony of newly elected Sissi, a trip that would make him only the second Iranian leader to visit Egypt since the countries severed ties in 1980.
Tandis que des milliers des manifestants sur la Place Tahrir et devant le palais presidentiel d'Ittihadeya ont accueilli le discours du general Sissi avec des hurlements et des youyous de joie.
Prisoners' Club stressed that abducting Abu Sissi from Ukraine is another crime added to the Israeli crimes and violations of the international human law, norms and conventions.
Desde que dejo el conocido programa Sabado Gigante, la conducta--y ahora empresaria- Sissi, ha tenido sus logros.
The original pics starred the late Romy Schneidel, who went on to become a European film icon, increasingly disturbing her legion of Sissi fans with daring choices of roles.