SISTASignals, Identification, System Theory and Automation (Belgium)
SISTASisters Informing Sisters on the Topic of AIDS (US CDC)
SISTASysteme d'Information sur les Sciences et la Technologie Arctique (French)
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One of the groups attended P4 sessions, while the other attended SISTA sessions.
The education and empowering component of this project uses an adapted version of the SISTA intervention.
PHOTO (color) SISTA Monica Seeks to touch others with song
Global Sistas United Day is to promote sisterhood around the world.
Through ethnographically informed interviews and observations conducted with six Black middle and high school girls, Hip Hop's Li'l Sistas Speak explores how young women navigate the space of Hip Hop music and culture to form ideas concerning race, body, class, inequality, and privilege.
We propose that a potentially useful way to adapt individual counseling to draw on the social and cultural resources of African American women is to involve the client's sistas in a counseling session.
CC will enlist legal purchase age consumers to become Mo Bros and Sistas through on-premise events throughout October and Movember at which their Mo growth will be measured.
This is why Mo Bros and Mo Sistas from across the globe become a united voice every November, bringing much needed attention to the state of men's health.
5 times more likely to develop prostate cancer if your father or brother has it; | occurrences of prostate cancer in men are comparable to the rates of breast cancer in women; | 2,209 men in the UK were diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009; | and in 2011, more than 854,288 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised more than PS79.
I mean, the big thing is down-low black men, but I hate to say this, there are a lot of down-low sistas out there as well, myself included.