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SITASociété Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques
SITAState Information Technology Agency (South Africa)
SITASociety of Information Theory and Its Applications
SITASwedish Interactive Thresholding Algorithm (visual field testing)
SITASearch Incident to Arrest
SITASister Islands Tourism Association
SITAState Independent Telephone Association of Kansas
SITASelected Image Target Area
SITASideward Impact Test Apparatus
SITASwitched IP Through ATM
SITASuppression of Immoral Traffic Act of 1956
SITASomething in the Air
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Francesco Violante, SITA CEO, said: Randy brings extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the competitive challenges facing airlines and airports today.
The Sita Air Transport Community Foundation, initiated by the 34-member Sita Council, will work with charities to deliver educational programmes and technology to communities in need.
Hani El-Assaad, President, SITA Middle East, India and Africa, commented: "SITA is helping Gulf Air optimize its network, messaging and voice services.
Hani El-Assaad, SITA president, Middle East, India and Africa, said: "SITA's resource management system gives Bahrain Airport Services a robust and completely automated planning solution, which they can use to accelerate decision making and deploy resources quickly based on changing needs.
Paul Coby, the out-going Chair of the Board said: "I have been privileged to lead SITA as Chair for over a decade.
Airline cabin crews, including Etihad Airways, already use SITA tablet technology (SITA CrewTablet) on board to access passenger and operational data.
Miller said: "I am honoured to be named chair of the board of Sita and look forward to overseeing the organisation's continued growth.
To become a master VAR in the SAP Extended Business Program, Sita Corp has met specific criteria, including the following:
SITA is now introducing a revolutionary technology to waste management.
By transferring SITA's flight planning system from a mainframe IBMCICS, PL/1, FOURTRAN, assembler and VSAM-based environment, to a Sun Solaris platform, the joint team from SITA and MindTree reduced SITA's cost of ownership and improved the performance, availability and accuracy of the flight planning system.
SITA has a community ethos of providing solutions to the air transport industry and providing the ATI cloud is the logical next step for SITA.
At the time the 2007 deal was signed with Sita, the kingdom's General Authority of Civil Aviation (Gaca) was looking for flexible and reliable IT solutions that would enable it to automate operations in a cost-effective way.