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SITREPSituation Report
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Sir, we can't seem to get the SITREP fax to go through, and we have another classified update you need to see," the command center, still glued to my left ear, drew me away from the TV reports.
This new SITREP tool prototype allows installations to submit their required reports and have them consolidated automatically into a command summary.
This SITREP is combined with other intelligence and operations reports to form a body of knowledge that is timely in nature, and relevant to current and future operations.
We familiarized ourselves with the applicable messages and processes and prepared to generate a SITREP message.
In each case, the squad is evaluated on their performance of the appropriate battle drill, their reporting procedures (SALUTE, SITREP, SPOTREP), and their ability to continue the mission.
The same weather and fire behaviour parameters were used with inputs for the event sourced from the logs of individuals and from sitreps from the incidents of that day so it s just like the real thing.
The themes were communications, giving sitreps to Post One and travel in the embassy during lockdown," Scheatzle said.
Ensure internal sitreps on the progress of the electoral process are shared with relevant mission components and the EAD;
The SITREPS for the 544th Engineer Dive Team, an oral history interview with Captain Sann, and other archival materials are available at the USAES History Office at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
His generals are doing their Sitreps round the Bunker table.
She focuses on the consequences of DUIs, using information from actual sitreps and showing photos of local wrecks provided by the Virginia Beach Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit.
The following are selected paragraphs from the daily SITREPs that were submitted to key senior officers to provide feedback on tempo and progress as we conducted Trident Warrior 08 experimentation.