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SITUPSSpatial Integrity Thresholding of Urban Polygons
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While a good physical training program should exercise the four components of fitness, it does not always have to be just running, pushups, or situps.
Right now, most units do the same thing every day--pushups, situps, and run--because that's what's on the PT test.
Well, I tell ya, ol' Roscoe's really been doing situps under parked cars again.
I still have nightmares from my attempt to get into the exercise thing by doing a few leisurely situps.
Male subjects (n = 104) performed the tasks of hill run, horizontal bar, parallel bars, rope-climbing, 3000m run, obstacle course and dynamometer grip, whereas female subjects (n = 80) performed the tasks of hill run, rope-hanging, situps, 2000m run, obstacle course, and dynamometer grip.
Try exercises such as situps to increase tone if abdominal distention is a problem.
Available for Android phones, iPhones and iPads, the suite consists of four motion-activated apps, including: PullUps, PushUps, SitUps and Squats.
Exercises include pushups, situps, jumping jacks and accelerated running and sprints.
Stevens traces his prowess at lifting to being "naturally strong" and a sibling rivalry that caused him and a twin brother to see "who could lift more, who could do the most pullups, the most pushups or situps.
In his own bit of Boltesque showmanship, Farah plopped down on his back and did a few situps.
Anyone who is willing to set aside the time to variously lift weights, do situps and pullups, and jump rope will tone their body.