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SKAFSvenska Kommunalarbetarförbundet
SKAFSkt Klemens Antenneforening (Danish)
SKAFSchweizerische Katholische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Ausländerfragen (German: Swiss Catholic Association for Immigration)
SKAFSystematisk Kompetenceafklaring af Flygtninge (Danish: Systematic Competency of Refugees; collaboration)
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C) SKAF Scale: The proposed scale was named SKAF (Sohail-Khalid-Amina-Faisal).
When the responses to the questionnaire was plotted against SKAF Scale 47 (53.
Table-VI: Performance against SKAF Scale among those who have attended a workshop on Communication skills.
The self assessment of the participants was not accurate in predicting efficacy of their earlier training nor would it be an easy task to correlate it to the score they attained on SKAF Scale.
SKAF score being presented here is a pioneer effort in this regard which may not stand the test of time but it would not be an over statement that it may prove to be a beginning.
Although our results show that most of our specialist clinicians show adequate score at SKAF score i.
Our post graduate train-ing programs did not stress need for structured teach-ing activity in this field in the past except for a recent trend set by one institute yet the SKAF score aver-ages at 60.