SKKLSistem Komunikasi Kabel Laut (Indonesian: Sea Cable Communications System)
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A number of projects like RMJ SKSO Fiber Optic cable of Package III in Kalimantan of Telkom, Dumai--Melaka Cable System (DMCS) of Telkom and Telekom Malaysia, and SKKL of Indosat using NEC as the vendor.
To serve international traffic from domestic telecommunications and the other way around Indosat uses earth station, SKKL and microwave operated from the SGI in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Batam.
Access to SKKL and optic fiber networks will be expanded in the development and procurement of new facilities.
A Telkom executive said that Ambon- Jayapura optic fibre SKKL is a vital part of a target to built in Repelita VI.