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SKOSSimple Knowledge Organisation System
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SKOS is a W3C standard for entering thesauri, taxonomies and classification schemes in an RDF format.
Because SKOS is based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
SKOS gives a standard for entering concepts, concept schemes, broader, narrower and related terms, as well as scope notes and definitions.
SKOS uses certain terms to identify everything in a taxonomy in RDF format.
In SKOS, transitive hierarchies need to be explicitly defined.
Instead of writing out the RDF/XML for SKOS, an online application called PoolParty was used to help input the above faceted taxonomy and then export it to RDF/XML.
PoolParty is a thesaurus management system and a SKOS editor for the Semantic Web including text mining and linked data capabilities.
When entering a faceted taxonomy into PoolParty, PoolParty ensures it is added according to SKOS and other standards.
Attempting to understand faceted classification, XML, RDF and SKOS was a daunting task.
SKOS is unique standard for expressing thesauri, taxonomies and classification schemes in XML.
In SKOS, one can employ the skos:narrowerTransitive or skos:broaderTransitive properties to express transitive values.
Although outside the scope of this research paper, it would have been interesting to have time and space to investigate Triples further as well as alternatives to expressing SKOS in RDF/XML.