SKRMSawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission (Delhi, India)
SKRMSelective Kinase Response Modulator
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Clinical studies regarding the safety and efficacy of SKRMs, conducted by researchers at Metagenics' Functional Medicine Research Center and its MetaProteomics([R]) Nutrigenomics Research Center, have been published in leading peer-reviewed nutritional journals.
Metagenics now includes SKRMs in many of its medical food and nutraceuticals formulas.
This press release may contain certain information about SKRM Interactive's business prospects and financial projections.
Camorata said, "What is exciting about the acquisition of Weaver is that not only are they building towards being a worldwide game portal service and brand, but that their creative team has experience in developing casual games for the short-term players market, which is a market that SKRM Interactive has targeted.
This one acquisition alone has provided SKRM Interactive with entry into the top markets of Asia.
Skreem Entertainment Corporation is awaiting approval for its name change to SKRM Interactive Inc.
The Stock Dividend will consist of: one share of the new public company will be distributed as a dividend for every share of SKRM held by an investor at the close of business on November 30, 2006.