SKRMSawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission (Delhi, India)
SKRMSelective Kinase Response Modulator
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CONTACT: Paul Pugmire of SKRM Interactive, Inc, +1-801-478-2475
Additional information about the name change is available in a definitive information statement filed by SKRM Interactive, Inc.
As SKRMs, Luduxin and Tetrase modulate kinases, the enzymes that chemically modify other proteins and regulate cellular pathways, particularly those involved in the transmission of signals within the cell.
CONTACT: Pericles DeAvila, or Paul Pugmire, both of SKRM Interactive-Sector 10, +1-801-478-2475
This press release may contain certain information about SKRM Interactive's business prospects and financial projections.
Camorata said, "What is exciting about the acquisition of Weaver is that not only are they building towards being a worldwide game portal service and brand, but that their creative team has experience in developing casual games for the short-term players market, which is a market that SKRM Interactive has targeted.
Skreem Entertainment Corporation is awaiting approval for its name change to SKRM Interactive Inc.
CONTACT: Pericles DeAvila or Paul Pugmire, +1-801-478-2475, both for SKRM Interactive, Inc.
SKRM Interactive/Sector 10 is in no way associated with Skreem Entertainment," said SKRM Interactive/Sector 10 CEO Peric DeAvila.
CONTACT: Pericles DeAvila of SKRM Interactive, Inc.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 1, Pericles DeAvila, President of SKRM Interactive, Inc.
net/) Updates the Investment Community Through an All-New Interview With SKRM Interactive LATH122 11/08/2007 11:18 r f India-Tata-Leader (MUMBAI) Tata Consultancy Services Ranked 10th Leading Global Provider of Financial Technology LATH124 11/08/2007 11:20 r f NY-Financial-Filings (NEW YORK) WallSt.