SKWSSoft Kill Weapon System
SKWSStill Kisses with Saliva (band)
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In the scope of this modernisation programme, Thales and local shipyard, Cotecmar, have installed and integrated the SMART-S Mk2 surveillance radar, STING EO Mk2 electro-optic weapon control system, MIRADOR optronic weapon control system, VIGILE 200S electronic support measures (ESM) system, communications systems and Terma s SKWS decoys launching system, on the four Padilla class ships.
C-Flex integrates a number of the frigates' defense systems, including the advanced AAW (Anti Air Warfare) air defense system and the decoy self-protection system SKWS (Soft Kill Weapon System), also supplied by Terma.
Equipment fitted as part of the upgrade includes an Oto Melara 76 mm rapid fire gun with an Ultra Electronics/ Radamec 2500 electro optical tracking system, the AMS Nautis fire control system, BAE Systems MPS2000 communications system, Inmarsat B global maritime distress and safety system, Terma SKWS decoy suite and a Sperry Marine gyro compass and GPS.