SKZSuddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum (German regulations for sanitary pipe systems)
SKZSanbo Kyodan Zen (Buddhism)
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To improve the comparison of laboratory and outdoor exposures, SKZ says specimen surface temperatures need to be measured and taken into account during laboratory weathering.
German-based SKZ, one of Europe's leading accredited and certified quality assurance institutes, has launched a research project to better predict the impact of surface temperature on the weathering behaviour of plastics.
SKZ uygulanan 22 olgunun dort tanesinde plevral sivi kulturunde ureme saptandi (E.
Intraplevral SKZ uygulamasi sirasinda grup I'de para-setamol ile gerileyen ates, hipertansiyon atagi, akut gogus agnsi, ani ses kisikligi, grup II'de ise bir olguda tedavisiz olarak kendiliginden gerileyen bronkoplevral fistul gelisti.
Andreas Gehring, an engineer in energy certification at SKZ, says barrel insulation should be used if heater bands cycle "on" more than 25% of the time.
One was an online thermography system from the South German Plastics Center, known as SKZ Wurzburg (www.
PENG-11-2010-0358 | Benjamin Baudrit, SKZ (Sueddeutsches
Employer requires providing SKZ meeting at least the functions set out in Annex 1 to the model contract annexed hereto 8.
The online thermography system was developed by the South German Plastics Center, or SKZ Wurzburg (skz.
Hoppe, ATI 890, Desmopan, Bayer AG, (paper from conference) Thermoplastische Elastomere (TPE) weiter im Aufwartstrend, SKZ, Wurzburg, Germany, 1992.
This BSI Kitemark certificate adds to a number of international certifications that Concept Building Systems has acquired, including DVGW, SKZ, TZW and WRAS for it's PPR systems; Fraunhofer (IBP); Acoustic Logic and EXOVA for it's drainage systems, as well as BSI Kitemark for electrical conduits.
The European Centre for Dispersion Technologies, which opened earlier this year as a research and technology transfer institution, is run by SKZ, a German research and quality assurance services company with help from funds from the German government.