SL4Subliminal Lottery 4 (software)
SL4Detailed, illustrated parts breakdown for military provisioning
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Sealing packs at an impressive rate of up to 75ppm the SL4 includes an inbuilt tool loading system which, when combined with the lightest tools in the market, allows manual tool changes and accurate docking of electrical and gas connectors, removing the need for a mobile loading jig.
The detection and diagnosis aspects of this FDD method involve identifying one set of seven models simultaneously using one set of baseline data in conjunction with the SL4 fault data sets of all six faults.
Send in your suggestions for a starter, main course or dessert, to Great Regional Recipe Competition, EHPR,16 Park Street, Windsor, Berk-shire, SL4 1LU or email comet@ehpr.
NICHOLAS REEVES, Myers Museum of Egyptian and Classical Art, Eton College, Windsor SL4 6DW, England.
uk or contact The Royal Windsor Information Centre, 24 High Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1LH (01753 743900).
Send your answer on a postcard, with your name and address, to People/Comet Competition, PO Box 748, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1TT.
MercuryGate's European office is located at 12 Castle Hill House, Windsor, SL4 1PD United Kingdom.
Kate Spencer Global Business Director Langland Quadrant 55-57 High Street Windsor SL4 1LP Tel: +44(0)1753-833348 Fax: +44(0)1753-833115
Incorporating PA's E-Scal technology, the new Eclipse SL4 is a unique, fully electrical machine that, unlike the pneumatic/electric; hybrids already on the market, requires zero air for full operation while still achieving the same high standards of rugged reliability, versatility and performance for which the Eclipse range is renowned.
The Christopher, 110 High Street, Eton, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 6AN.