SLALSouth Lake Animal League (Clermont, FL)
SLALStichting Literaire Activiteiten Leeuwarden (Dutch: Leeuwarden Literary Activities Foundation; Leeuwarden, Netherlands)
SLALSoil Landscape Analysis Laboratory (est. 1994)
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The issuer under each of the bonds has been substituted and the issuing entity is now Standard Life plc and, in each case, there is a subordinated guarantee in respect of the bonds from SLAL.
One researcher came recently to Canada, to assume the role of director of SLALS and a tenured professorship.
Besides the ESLA courses, second-language teaching at SLALS comprises noncredit intensive courses in ESL for students who do not yet qualify for ESLA and other credit-bearing courses in several more additional languages (currently including American Sign Language, German, Inuktitut, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish).
Some others are earlier graduates from these same SLALS programs.
Another group of SLALS teachers offering communication courses in disciplines and professions (principally at present to students of engineering) was not included in the investigation as these courses are not designed as second-language teaching.
We hope this process will offer the opportunities and encouragement that our respondents so evidently want and need to feel part of a legitimate research community that recognizes and values their contribution to SLALS and the field of ALS.