SLAM-ERStandoff Land-Attack Missile - Expanded Response
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SLAM-ER is used to attack critical nodes of high value fixed and relocatable land targets as well as surface ship targets underway or pierside.
Jane's All the World's Aircraft reports the combat radii and payloads of US fighter aircraft as follows: F-16: 780 miles with two tons; F-15E: 790 miles with 12 tons; F-18E/ F: 1,087 miles with two SLAM-ER missiles (one ton); and F-35: 690 miles with two tons.
The SLAM-ER is a long missile, and we had our doubts on how it would fly.
The second scored a direct hit on a simulated mobile missile launcher using SLAM-ER fired at 85 nm and controlled at 110 nm from the target.
As Joan Holland, spokesperson for the Naval Air Systems Command, told JED, SLAM-ER capability gives the P-3C the ability to attack targets as far as 150 miles away--twice as far as the range of the older Harpoon missile, also carried by the P-3.
Armament: 20mm MK-61 cannon; Sidewinder, Sparrow and AMRAAM air-to-air missiles; Maverick, Harpoon, HARM, SLAM-ER, Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM); laser-guided and general purpose bombs and rockets.
The flight-test result allows for operational use of the SLAM-ER through field software uploads to missiles in the fleet.
SLAM-ER is an upgrade to the SLAM and is currently in production.
To ensure best possible accuracy of JDAM, Owl 08/01 devised the early destruction of Iraq's premier long-range ATC [air-traffic control] radar (LP-23) with a SLAM-ER, in order to alleviate the requirement for Band 6 jamming after its successful takedown.
Guided Munitions (68%) 19,948 BGM-109 TLAM 802 AGM-114 Hellfire 562 AGM-130 4 AGM-154 JSOW 253 AGM-65 Maverick 918 AGM-84 SLAM-ER 3 AGM-86C/D CALCM 153 AGM-88 HARM 408 CBU-103 WCMD 818 CBU-105 WCMD, SFW 88 CBU-107 WCMD 2 EGBU-27 GPS/LGB 98 GBU-10 LGB 236 GBU-12 LGB 7,114 GBU-16 LGB 1,233 GBU-24 LGB 23 GBU-27 LGB 11 GBU-28 LGB 1 GBU-31 JDAM 5,086 GBU-32 JDAM 768 GBU-35 JDAM 675 GBU-37 JDAM 13 UK Guided 679 Unguided Munitions (32%) 9,251 M117 1,625 Mk-82 5,504 Mk-83 1,692 Mk-84 6 CBU-87 118 CBU-99 182 UK Unguided 124
This was the only targeting information used by the aircrew and the first SLAM-ER firing to utilize airborne retargeting to strike a target of opportunity.
F/A-18s are also likely to deliver the AGM-84E Stand-off Land Attack Missile (SLAM) and its extended-range variant, the SLAM-ER.