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SLAPPStrategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
SLAPPSecure Light Access Point Protocol (IETF)
SLAPPSounds Like A Personal Problem
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8) Some states provide SLAPP protections for only certain classes of persons or require that the targeted public participation be in connection with an issue under review by a governmental body.
org/legalguide/ responding-strategic-lawsuits-against-public-participation-slapps (describing SLAPPs and anti-SLAPP laws).
To understand how state anti-SLAPP special motions interact with Rule 12, it is imperative to first understand what a SLAPP suit is, and why and how state legislatures have worked to counteract them.
SLAPP suits are effective because they force opponents either to incur the significant cost of defending a lawsuit (and even an award of costs rarely covers the full expense of legal fees) or to simply retract or not publish.
An expression has grown up to characterize these kinds of threats: SLAPP suits.
degrees of protection for SLAPP targets, (142) California became the
Whether a lawsuit is actually a SLAPP suit is a question of fact for the judge or jury to decide, but without any statute to apply in the current case, this determination will not be made.
However, the scope of SLAPP has been broadly extended in the last 20 years and each month a series of cases are published, which further define the scope of SLAPP.
14) While the anti-SLAPP statutes of varied jurisdictions respond to the rise in litigation known as SLAPPs, they too bring side effects.
And if you sue, the defendant may try to frame your action as a SLAPP (strategic litigation against public participation) suit intended to muzzle critics and restrict freedom of speech.