SLAQSchool Library Association of Queensland
SLAQSri Lanka Association for Quality (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
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The correlation coefficient among the subscales of the SLAQ was computed to evaluate the structural validity of the SLAQ, and the result is shown in Table 3.
658, showing that the SLAQ has good item discrimination.
The results for the internal consistencies of each item indicate that the SLAQ has high reliability, and the indexes coincided with that of similar scales used in other countries.
In Table 3, results demonstrate that the correlation coefficients of subdimensions of the SLAQ are indicative of good construct validity for the SLAQ.
According to the findings gained in this study, the self-learning ability of management cadets can be assessed with the SLAQ.
However, through the process of data analysis we found that some items of the SLAQ should be revised and that the questionnaire needs further amendment.