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SLATSecond Level Address Translation (computing)
SLATSecond Level Address Translation
SLATSpousal Lifetime Access Trust (estate planning)
SLATSupersonic Low-Altitude Target
SLATSlow, Low, Aerial Target
SLATSystem Lineup and Test (Nortel)
SLATSport, Leisure and Travel (Bucks New University; UK)
SLATSurface-Launched Air-Targeted
SLATSimultaneous Laryngoscopy and Abdominal Thrusts
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The coop did not toss around any more, but rode the waves more gently--almost like a cradle rocking--so that the floor upon which Dorothy stood was no longer swept by water coming through the slats.
So she sat down in a corner of the coop, leaned her back against the slats, nodded at the friendly stars before she closed her eyes, and was asleep in half a minute.
The patent-pending ThatAway sign system will point your slats / memories in the proper direction.
In five years we could clean up half the rubbish," says Slat confidently.
A SLAT is often drafted as a grantor trust where the grantor and the trust are considered one and the same for income tax purposes (IRC Sections 671-679 contain the grantor trust rules).
Rather than attempt to gather floating plastic with boats and nets, which Slat says would take thousands of years and billions of dollars to complete, the device uses long U- or V-shaped floating barriers to allow ocean currents to passively concentrate plastic debris.
In one of his trips in Greece, Slat noticed that there were more plastic bags seen underwater than sea-life.
I used 1/2-inch-thick pallet wood for the wide center slats, but if you can't find any or don't have a wood planer to cut your wood to this dimension, you can substitute 3/4-inch material.
We are pleased to see our completed slat assemblies on this high-technology aircraft," said Lager.
But the slat armor, which is designed to deflect an RPG blast before it can damage your vehicle and hurt you and your fellow crewmen, won't be effective if items are placed in front of or behind the armor.
To assemble the sides, start with the rungs (C) and side slats (D).
Slat Alfassiyine n'est plus qu'un simple lieu de culte, mais un espace de contemplation et de celebration des valeurs culturelles historiques marocaines.