SLDSSaludos (Spanish greeting)
SLDSSalesforce Lightning Design System
SLDSSystem Level Data Simulator
SLDSSystem Log Data Set
SLDSSwitching Linear Dynamic System
SLDSStatewide Longitudinal Data System
SLDSSt. Louis Downtown Site (Missouri)
SLDSShelf Life Decision System (food science)
SLDSSurvey on Lawyer Discipline Systems
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With the required elements of SLDS defined by legislation and stipulated as a requirement of grant funding (Condelli et al.
SLDS Research agendas: National context and instructive models.
A key area where the state sees promising use of the SLDS is in the growing challenge of filling middle-skill jobs to facilitate the development of Mississippi's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) based economy.
According to the Department of Education, the goal of the SLDS grants is to have states "expand their data systems to track students' achievement from preschool through college.
Florida and other states have systems that use the SLDS to place this type of information on the Web, along with information about the cost of the programs, entrance requirements, and duration.
The Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA results for life satisfaction measured with SLDS (total score) showed significant differences between different informants groups [chi square](2) = 14.
Bivariate Correlations with Means and Standard Deviations for Forgiveness, SLDS, and Control Variables
The content of this guide was derived from ongoing work of a working group on growth models coordinated and facilitated by the SLDS Grant Program's State Support Team.
Request for Qualifications - ERDC Project Manager, FY2015 SLDS Grant
Developing and manage the project budget and spend plan and prepare budget reports for the FY2015 SLDS Grant Project Director.