SLDVScanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (vibration measurement tool)
SLDVScuola Leonardo da Vinci (Italian: Leonardo Da Vinci School)
SLDVSame Location, Different Value
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In order to constrain the state space for formal verification by SLDV (to prevent the explosion of possible combinations), the input signals of the unit are constrained to the ranges as per the requirement specification, i.
For proof objective for SLDV, the "Proof block from the SLDV library is used.
Incorporating SLDV within such a framework has not been explored in the literature.
For the remaining sub-systems boundaries (system 2 and system 3 and their internal systems) automated test case generation using SLDV and automated test execution would be used.
In order to perform traditional boundary value test, SLDV needs to be triggered with 3 input ranges.
The SLDV report for Figure 11 is represented in Figure 12, which shows that the proof objective has been validated (when triggered for out of range values).