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SLESystemic Lupus Erythematosus (aka Disseminated Lupus Erythematosus, DLE)
SLESara Lee Corporation (stock symbol)
SLESierra Leone (ISO Country code)
SLESupportive Learning Environment (various organizations)
SLEStudent Learning Entitlement
SLESolid-Liquid Extraction
SLESpecial Limited Edition (sales)
SLEService Level Enforcement
SLESuse Linux Enterprise
SLEScript Language Engine
SLESimple List Extension
SLEService Level Exception
SLESpace Link Extension
SLESpecial Limited Edition
SLESeminar für Länd-Liche Entwicklung (German: Department of Rural Development)
SLEStudent Learning Expectation
SLEShore Line East
SLESlit Lamp Examination (ophthalmology)
SLESoftware Language and Engineering (International Conference)
SLESenior Leader Engagement (US Army)
SLESaint Louis Encephalitis (brain-swelling viral infection)
SLESpace Link Extension (CCSDS mechanism for providing distributed access to space link services)
SLESober Living Environment (recovery movement)
SLESingle Loss Expectancy
SLESupported Leading Edge (kites)
SLESocietas Linguistica Europaea (European Association for Linguistics)
SLESharp Laboratories of Europe, Ltd. (UK)
SLESingle Line Edit (software feature)
SLESeletar Expressway (Singapore)
SLESolid Liquid Equilibrium
SLEStructured Liberal Education
SLESt. Lucie Estuary (Florida)
SLEStressful Life Event (psychiatry)
SLESt. Lawrence Estuary (Quebec, Canada)
SLESouth Luzon Expressway (Philippines)
SLEScreen List Editing
SLEService Logement Etudiant (French: Student Accommodation Service)
SLESeparate Legal Entity
SLESupervivencia Libre de Enfermedad (Spanish: Disease Free Survival)
SLEService Life Extension
SLESoutheastern Livestock Exposition
SLESlackware Linux Essentials
SLEService Level Expectation
SLESharp Laboratories of Europe Limited
SLESociété Lorraine d'Entomologie (French: Lorraine Entomological Society)
SLESpecialised Laboratory Equipment (UK)
SLESafe Language Extensions
SLEStrength Level Earthquake
SLESmall Library Edition
SLEShelf Life Extender
SLESociété Loisirs Equipement (French: Recreation Equipment Company)
SLESUSE (Gesellschaft für Software-und Systementwicklung) Linux Enterprise (computing)
SLESynchronous Lateral Excitation
SLESACLANT Liaison Element
SLESilent Link Establishment
SLESports Leisure Entertainment Underwriters
SLEStrictly Linear Estimation
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That's an SLE prevalence of rough ly 1 in 1,000 individuals, a considerably higher figure than the usually cited estimates of 1 in 500 among African American women and 1 per 2,000 white women, with much lower rates in men.
In general, postmenopausal-onset SLE tends to have a milder course than does disease that occurs at a younger age.
The diagnosis of pediatric SLE usually occurs during the ages of 11-14 years.
Given the influence of estrogen on SLE in experimental models, we hypothesized that OCPs with estrogenic effects would similarly accelerate lupus development.
Eric Sobel, an associate professor of rheumatology and clinical immunology at the University of Florida, studied the effects of chlordecone, an organochlorine pesticide, on the development of SLE in a mouse model bred to be susceptible to the disease.
At least one study has found that survival in patients with SLE has plateaued since the 1990s.